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Can the built environment mimic the natural world? Biomimicry — analyzing structures in nature in order to understand how they function — allows engineers to bridge the gap between designers and nature but requires a deep knowledge of the structures being analyzed. One way to learn more about these structures is to examine them via micro-CT imaging. Such imaging provides a path towards generating a digital model of any feature, which can be further explored via computer simulation or additive manufacturing.
Many researchers focus on the development of new technologies based on inspiration derived from the study of insects. Studying wings, eyes, and other insect structures provides opportunities for new technological advances using biomimicry and reverse engineering. For our study of micro-CT for entomology we utilized our high resolution LOTUS-inVitro scanner to look at a tiny worm.

A Fly or Insect Micro-Radiography Image by LOTUS-inVitro of BehinNegareh(BN) Company. High-tech X-ray Micro-CT available too.
A Fly or Insect Micro-Radiography Image

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