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Synthetic materials can be fabricated for any purposes in every fields. For example scaffolds with properties similar to trabecular bone are samples of synthesized materials for biological purposes.

LOTUS Micro-CT systems can be used to quantify parameters like porosity of scaffolds or mineralized matrix formations by high resolution 3D imaging and applying different image processing algorithms.

LOTUS Micro-CT chain starts with acquisition of very precise projections, continues with 3D fast and robust reconstruction, 2D and 3D visualization, processing and measurements and ends with enabling users/operators to analyze their samples with a friendly user interface (UI).

Thus, the internal structure and micropores of any biological or non-biological materials like scaffolds seeded with rat calvarial (Cal) or marrow stromal (Str) cells can be analyzed, both quantitatively and qualitatively( i.e. visually), by utilizing LOTUS X-ray microtomography scanners.

Micro-CT imaging should be a non-separable activity for quality control and quantitative assessment of any synthesized materials, especially biological implants or scaffold which are embedded in human bodies.

In addition to LOTUS scanners sales, LOTUS Micro-CT lab provides 3D imaging and analysis services worldwide with very low prices with providing results very fast.

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