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LOTUS Micro-CT laboratory offers 3D imaging with 3 high resolution X-ray tomography imaging systems (LOTUS-NDT, LOTUS-inVitro and LOTUS-inVivo). The lab offers deep insight into 3D structures within materials. Specimens ranging from sub-mm to several cm in size can be imaged, with resolutions from sub-micron to tens of microns. The application areas range from materials science and electronics, through medicine and biology to geology, archaeology and oil reservoir rocks analysis.

Also, LOTUS Micro-CT laboratory provides quantitative and accurate analyses in every field of study from dental and bone studies, through pre-clinical and life sciences to geology and digital rock analysis. Parameters like porosity, permeability, pore-size distribution, effective porosity, 3D pore network models, bone mineral density, tooth root canal fracture sizes can be calculated in analysis services for our customers.

for detailed information about X-ray Micro-CT scanners, visit the following page:

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Micro-CT imaging services are available for any kind of objects and materials. More information about our lab’s Micro-CT scanners and supported materials are available in the following page:

Samples of all kinds can be imaged. The sample size can be up to 100 mm in diameter, with the resulting image resolution being proportional to the sample size. Typical scan time per sample is 2 hours, but depends on the required image quality and sample size. The scan time is usually in the range of 10 minutes to 240 minutes.

Our services pricing will be calculated on an hourly basis. Our pricing is available in the following page:

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Also, LOTUS Micro-CT laboratory provides free Micro-CT sample dataset to those who need it. For this regard, please Contact Us.

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