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Micro-CT imaging is a powerful technique to visualize and quantify Hydro-physical characteristics and soil structure, especially soil compaction and its pore characteristics. Soil pore characteristics are important for a large range of essential soil functions such as colloid, water and gas transport, habitat for soil organisms as well as soil mechanical properties such as soil friability. Soil friability is a key and valuable property which helps you to determine whether the soil is suitable for seed or not. A strong link between soil fragmentation/soil friability and air-filled soil pore space was confirmed by Munkholm et al. (2002).

The method also has applications in determination of soil mineral and organic constituents, sediment morphology, soil structure modification analysis, evaluation of the effect of different soil management systems, soil biota (plant roots, earthworm burrows, soil insects, soil microorganisms), …

Information about the nature, size, shape and arrangement of the dominant mineral grains in a soil can indicate the evolution of processes as weathering and nutrient release.

The accuracy and precision you obtain, depend on instrument and the image reconstruction algorithms; fortunately here in Behin Negareh Co. we have both advanced instruments and advanced new reconstructions algorithms. 

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