Tehran, Iran

We are a knowledge-based company which our main duty is producing high-tech Micro-CT 2017 we had our first series of micro-CT systems named “LOTUS”. LOTUS is the most common symbol used in ancient Persepolis buildings. Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550-330 BCE). As we borrowed our first system’s brand name from the symbol of the most ancient civilization in the world, we aim to work hard to make the world remember us years later for our symbolic work in the field.

Fig: The lotus symbols in ancient Persepolis buildings.

in 2019, we had three micro-CT system categories named “LOTUS-NDT”, “LOTUS-inVivo” and “LOTUS-inVitro”. we sold our first system 2 years after our company start-up to Tehran University of Medical Sciences Pre-Clinical Core Facility (TPCF). Now, they have the most active Micro-CT lab in the middle east. Anyone who would know how has been our supports and routine services, is invited to look for any comments from our first customer (TPCF).

After years of requests for single or multiple imaging services from students or individual scientists which couldn’t buy our Micro-CT machines, we started our service center known as LOTUS Micro-CT Lab with our 3 machines working all day. With a high increase in demands for imaging services, we refer our clients to our recent customers (e.g. TPCF Micro-CT lab) . Thus, we have a 2-way collaboration with all our customers. after installing one of our systems in any lab worldwide, we refer clients who want related imaging process to our customer’s labs.

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