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Dr. Hossein Ghadiri, CEO of Behin Negareh Co. and Director of Advanced X-Ray Imaging Systems Laboratory, in the Series of Virtual Meetings of the Iran High-Tech Laboratory Network (labsnet)

On Thursday, December 31st, 2019, Dr Hossein Ghadiri was the guest of the Iran High-Tech Laboratory Network (labsnet). In this meeting, which was held live on Instagram, Dr. Hossein Ghadiri explained how to establish the company and the laboratory, he gave a brief description of what a micro-CT device is, and how it works, as well as the applications of this device in various fields of research, he also explained how the imaging and analysis services are provided by our laboratory.

At the end, after answering the questions of the participants, he explained how to use labsnet grants in the laboratory and how to provide the necessary guidance to researchers who are not members of the labsnet to maximize cooperation between the labsnet and the laboratory.

He also appreciated Lebsent for its support for the growth and development of new researches using new sciences and technologies, including micro-CT imaging.

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