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Pre-Clinical Micro-CT for Small Animals Imaging, Dental and Bone Studies

  • ~1 minute shortest scanning cycle
  • 30 micron highest nominal resolution
  • User friendly system for all pre-clinical quantitative and qualitative studies


  • Maintenance-free 45-90 kV micro-focus X-ray source, different filter materials are available,
  • 3 Mp cooled X-ray camera,
  • Continuously variable magnification with smallest pixel size of 10 micron,
  • GPU-accelerated and 3D reconstructions supplied as standard,
  • 80 mm scanning diameter, >200 mm scanning length,
  • continuous rotating gantry with shortest scanning cycle of about 1 minute.
  • Software for 2D/3D image visualization and measurements , and realistic visualization,
  • GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) software package.

LOTUS-inVivo provides extremely high-quality images with contrast-to-noise, resolution and dose performance optimized for pre-clinical imaging.Also, it is a high performance, stand-alone, fast in-vivo and ex-vivo micro-CT with continuously variable magnification for scanning small objects (teeth samples, …). It has an unrivaled combination of high resolution, big image size, possibility for 3D reconstructions, and low dose imaging. The image field of view (up to 80 mm wide and more than 200 mm long) allows full object size scanning. The variable magnification allows scanning all kind of samples with high spatial resolution down to 10 µm pixel size. Variable X-Ray energy combined with a range of optional filters ensures optimal image quality for diverse research applications from soft tissues imaging to bone and teeth studies.



X-ray source 45…90 kV micro-focus X-ray source, 8W, <5 µm spot size
X-ray detector 3 Megapixel  16-bit cooled digital X-ray Detector, 2×2 binning modes
Scanning space 80 mm diameter, > 200 mm in length
Spatial resolution 10 µm smallest pixel size
Reconstruction volume up to 4096x4096x1000 pixels after a single scan with round trajectory
Radiation safety <1 µSv/h at 10 cm from the instrument outer external surface
Rat Skull, MPR by LOTUS-inVivo.
Human Tooth, 3D multi-target SR by LOTUS-inVivo.

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