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The first and the only manufacturer of Micro-CT products in Iran

Why BN?


Behin Nagareh (BN) Co. is the first and only manufacturer of micro-CT scanners in Iran and the Middle East. A micro-CT scanner is a high-tech device for non-destructive 3D imaging of the internal structure of various objects ranging from sandstones to living organisms using X-ray in a micrometer scale.

Considering the absence of such technology in the country and the region, along with fast-growing need for micro-CT scanners in a large spectrum of industry and research field, including, but not limited to, dentistry, botany, entomology, tissue engineering, geology, petroleum engineering, archeology and paleontology, material sciences, civil engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, and so on, Behin Negareh Co., with the support of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology and Tehran University of Medical Sciences, decided to design and manufacture the first type micro-CT scanner using national expertise with world-class quality. Now and for the first time, the technological infrastructure of micro-CT imaging equipment has been established by Behin Nagareh Co. in the country.

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Why BN?


Micro-CT is a 3D X-ray imaging method, which is basically similar to the method used in the clinical CT scanners, but with a much higher resolution.

"LOTUS-NDT" and "LOTUS-inVivo" are the brand names for two series of micro-CT scanners designed and produced by Behin Nagareh Co. Click on each image to see the specification of each scanner:



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