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High-Resolution, Desktop Micro-CT for Non-Destructive Testing

Optimized for digital core analysis experiments

Optimized for additive manufacturing quality control


  • Maintenance-free wide range kV Micro Computed Tomography Scanner,
  • Different filter materials for high quality material decomposition,
  • Continuously variable magnification with smallest pixel size of 1 micron,
  • Up to 2 inch scanning diameter, up to 120 mm scanning length,
  • Gated and continuous rotating table with micron accuracy,
  • Self-shielded for user radiation safety,
  • 2D & 3D reconstruction and visualization,
  • 2D & 3D Surface and Volume Renderings with realistic visualization,
  • Software for 2D/3D sub-micron measurements ,

LOTUS-NDT is a high performance, stand-alone, fast, desktop NDT micro-CT with continuously variable magnification for scanning small objects (micro-plugs, …) and additive manufactured samples; Innovative combination of high resolution, big image size, 2D/3D reconstructions, and low dose imaging. The smart field of view (FOV) adjustment allows wide range of object size scanning. The variable magnification allows scanning all kind of samples with high spatial resolution down to 1 µm pixel size. Variable X-ray energy combined with a range of optional filters ensures optimal image quality for diverse research applications from digital core analysis to samples with metal implants.

The LOTUS-NDT system enables micron-accurate gated and continuous rotating modes.

X-ray source Wide range kVp micro-focus X-ray source, 40W, < 5 µm spot size
X-ray detector 3 Megapixel 16-bit cooled digital X-ray Detector, 2×2 binning modes
Scanning space 2 inchin diameter, > 120 mm in length
Spatial resolution 1 µm smallest pixel size
Reconstruction volume up to 8000x8000x1000 pixels after a single scan with round trajectory
Radiation safety < 1 µSv/h at 10 cm from the instrument surface

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