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Advanced X-ray Imaging Systems Laboratory (AXIS)

The advanced X-ray imaging systems laboratory, belongs to BN Co., a knowledge-based company and the first manufacturer of high-tech micro-CT scanners in the Middle East.

Three years after the establishment of the company, in 2018, the company introduced the first generation of two micro-CT scanners called LOTUS-NDT and LOTUS-inVivo for various applications, including in industry and medicine; Some months later, in order to facilitate the path for students and researchers who were previously required to send samples abroad for micro-CT imaging, BN Co. set up a laboratory for advanced X-ray imaging (AXIS), and now in addition to providing services to researchers in our beloved country, Iran, it also provides services to researchers from neighboring countries.

Researchers in various fields need to study the internal structure and volumetric properties of high-resolution objects. In conventional methods, the sample often needs to be cut into very thin slices, which are not applicable in cases where the sample must remain intact, for example in paleontology, where fossils dating back several thousand years are examined. In addition, the internal structure of the object may change during cutting, and some important data may be lost, to prevent these, and to more accurately evaluate samples that require resolution of micro meter, X-ray micro computed tomography is recommended. In this method, digital information of the geometry and physical properties of the sample is obtained without the need for cutting and many troublesome preparation steps.

AXIS currently provides 3D imaging services with the LOTUS-NDT micro-CT scanner and 3D analysis to extract the desired parameters from the 3D models of the objects. Each of services covers a wide range of services you can see in the services and tariffs.

Here in AXIS we perform imaging of various samples, including various types of stones, bones, insects, mouse tissues, electronic components, mechanical parts, teeth, polymer foams, tablets, wood, implants, etc. Analysis is also performed for each image if is needed. For example, the porosity of the object, the distribution of the pores, etc. are provided.

Researchers in various fields such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, entomology, medical engineering, petroleum engineering, geology, metallurgy, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, paleontology, etc. can benefit from the services of our laboratory.

About AXIS

3D Surface Rendering of a Carbonate Reservoir Rock Imaged by LOTUS-NDT Micro-CT Scanner.

About AXIS

mIP of a Fly Imaged by LOTUS-NDT Micro-CT Scanner.

About AXIS

Copper Mineral Rock Imaged by LOTUS-NDT Micro-CT Scanner.

About AXIS

Electronics BGA IC Mounted on a Board Imaged by LOTUS-NDT Micro-CT Scanner.

About AXIS

3D Rendering of Human Molar Teeth Imaged by LOTUS-inVivo Micro-CT Scanner.

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