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Application of Multi-Scale Imaging in The Study of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Rocks

Time: 2021, Feb, 03
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Behin Negareh knowledge-based company, in cooperation with Digital Rock Physics research group holds:

Application of Multi-scale Imaging in the Study of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Rocks Webinar

Dr Jafar Qajar (Assistant professor of department of petroleum engineering, school of chemical and petroleum engineering, Shiraz University, digital rock physics group, IOE-EOR research institute)

In order to more accurately determine the characteristics of hydrocarbon reservoirs rocks, identify the petro-physical properties of the reservoir rock and evaluate the distribution of fluids within the porous medium of the rock, digital core analysis methods are used. Different imaging methods are used to make a digital model of the rock. More accurate results from the porous medium, testing in less time, in some cases no samples destructions (such as the use of micro-CT imaging), the ability to determine the size distribution of pores, the distribution of different fluids within the rock, are the advantages of these methods. Considering the advantages of digital rock analysis compared to other common methods, join us to learn more about this new and applied technology in the oil industry.


**This webinar is free.**


The link to attend the webinar will be sent to the participants via email.

Date & time:

Wednesday, 3 February, 2021, 6 to 7 pm.



Application of Multi-Scale Imaging in The Study of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Rocks

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