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Micro-CT in Food Industry

3D high resolution data obtained by this method help internal examination of the structural arrangement of food products. Some applications of Micro-CT in Food industry are as follows:

  • Micro-structural characterization
  • Prediction of salt and water content
  • Fillet composition measurement
  • Carcass composition and meat quality traits
  • Fat deposition distribution, …
  • Quantitative determination of eye formation
  • Microstructure of loose-packed and compacted milk powders
  • Micro-structural visualization of different cultivars
  • Investigation of the multi-fractal properties of pore-size distribution
  • Linking X-ray absorption with physicochemical properties, …
  • Relationships between texture, mechanical properties and structure
  • Imaging and analysis of porous cereal products
  • Investigating Fusarium infection in maiz
  • Study of high-amylose and wild-type rice kernel structure in rice

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