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The 11th Exhibition of Equipment, Laboratory Materials, and Advanced Testing (IRANLABEXPO), a national event that aims to leverage domestic capabilities and promote knowledge-based activities leading to the production of laboratory materials and equipment to reduce dependency on imported goods, will be held on 2 to 5 January 2023, in the permanent site for international exhibitions of Tehran.

As stated by the Communication and Information Center of the Vice Presidency for Science, Technology, and Knowledge-based Economy, institutionalizing the culture of supporting national products and directing the public sector to purchase Iran-made products, increasing the employment of specialists, raising sales volume, augmentation of export capacity, providing laboratory infrastructure to meet the needs of universities and research institutes while the strengthening of experimental and research capacity all along with the empowerment of domestic companies are just a few of the positive effects this exhibition.

According to Mashaikh, the vice president for the development of the knowledge-based economy of the Presidential Vice-Chancellor for Science, Technology, and Knowledge-Based Economy, the 11th Exhibition of Equipment, Laboratory Materials, and Advanced Testing (IRANLABEXPO) will be held in 14 thematic sections to provide Iran-made technological products and services.
This event is centered around a diverse range of fields, including Oil and Petrochemical, Electricity, Electronics and Software, Civil Engineering, Mechanics, Chemistry and Metallurgy, Agriculture and Environment, Basic Physics, General Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Materials, Medical Engineering and Biomaterials, Industrial Test equipment, Calibration Services, and Educational and Laboratory Equipment for Schools.

The incorporation of the keyword "Knowledge-based Economy" into the title of the Vice Presidency for Scientific and Technology, coupled with the emphasis on advanced testing and its corresponding equipment at the exhibition, has been aimed at widening the market for producers of advanced testing equipment to the industrial sector. The exhibition highlights the significance of advanced testing and its role in the success of Knowledge-based Economy industries.

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