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Matin Behin Negareh Imaging Technology Company, relying on the knowledge, experience and expertise of local experts, has developed a technology infrastructure for micro-CT imaging equipment for the first time. Establishing such an infrastructure requires technical proficiency in various fields like instrumentation/mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering in the field of imaging, software engineering (at low and high levels) and electronic engineering. Therefore, micro-CT imaging technology is considered as a high-tech technology.

Today, a wide range of industries around the world use micro-CT technology, including in pre-clinical imaging, imaging of petroleum reservoir samples, imaging of mineral deposit samples, imaging of biological samples, and imaging of sensitive parts in the aerospace and automotive industries. Matin Behin Negareh Imaging Technology Company, by establishing a memorandum of understanding with research centers in various fields, is trying to further develop the capabilities of its micro-CT devices. Three different micro CT products of the company has presented in the exhibition of Iran.  These three products branded LOTUS-NDT (for petroleum and parts applications), LOTUS-inVivo (dedicated to imaging of small animals used in pre-clinical researches) and LOTUS-inVitro (for imaging of tissue and biological samples with dual energy micro CT) are ready to be used and operated.

Please do note that due to the lack of micro-CT devices in the country (so it may have significant impact),  our country is left behind many industries including pre-clinical researches, petroleum field and improvement of petroleum reservoirs, aerospace, parts manufacturing as well as biological and tissue researches, and unfortunately left also behind many research, applied and technological fields in industry and university (despite the available knowledge and capability in the country). By manufacturing this product, it is hoped that we will have ever increasing development in many related areas.

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